Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still working on the kitchen...

I hate to be gripey but is this kitchen going to ever be finished!!??!!  ARRGGHHHHHH!!
We've been working on it for a year.  I have been paying as I go and trying to do as much as possible without disturbing the structure so I will have no debt when I open...notice I said "when"...I'm being positive.  Consquently, things have been going slowly but we have new floors, new paint, new faux exposed brick, a spotless range (thanks to a whole bunch of elbow grease and grill cleaner!), worktop reach-ins that have a clean bill of health, a new air conditioner (ouch), a beautiful six-foot deli case, and a new venthood that is hanging in my kitchen but has not been further installed. 
Now...I cannot operate without a venthood so needless to say, even my planning for it to take a little longer to install (I mean, it IS construction afterall) than they originally said...I am now more than a month behind.  I expected to be open sometime this month (this month being August) but it WILL be September because I must be ready for the holiday season.
So, my friends, if my posts have been somewhat few and far between in recent months, please indulge me, in that, my mind has mostly been in this awesome kitchen space that I have every belief will have the venthood finished and installed by the end of the week before I go to NYC to see my daughter (and attend the casting call for The Next Food Network Star...)  And, if you believe that, I also have some land in Florida you might be interested in...;-)

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