Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pssst...I'm back!

Hey Everyone!  Sorry for the length between posts!
Frankly, I got distracted by this crazy ABC Cooking Show audition and also somewhat bored with what's going on in my garden.  I will catch you up on both, no worries!
First, the audition...this new show is very hush hush but we found out that it will be called "The Taste" and will be similar in format to "The Voice".  After what I believed to be a good audition, I have not yet received a call back (frowny face) but!  You learn something with every experience and here is what I learned from this one...even though the produced begins the interview with whatever kind of question, you must never stray from your mission which is:  it always comes back to the food.  I didn't follow my own advice and just ended up having a goofy gabfest with the producer but didn't talk much about my food.  So notice taken...will not make that mistake again and believe me, there will be another "again"! 
But I digress...on to the garden and more photos!
It is definitely summer in Oklahoma now.  Over 100 degree days, day after day after day.  I'm looking forward to little bit of weather but it doesn't look like it's going to happen soon.  I have taken to watering my poor babies twice a day now, early in the morning and then late in the evening when it's just 90 degrees.

The 'maters have not fared as well as I had hoped but they are still trying.  Between the birds, squirrels and plain ol' heat, I don't have the crop I thought would be there.  The yellow and red cherry tomatoes keep going and they are wonderful so I appreciate them so much.  The bird block I put up has helped keep the birds out but I'll be damned if I didn't see a squirrel running across the top of the fence with a big tomato in his mouth and then stop to take a bite while I was right there!  I chased him with a rake (a la Mr. McGregor) but it didn't scare him in the least!  I'm hoping that the rest of the crop will be high enough that he (and the bunnies) can reach them.
The killer cucumber looks beautiful but no fruit...if it ever comes on, I'm going to be pickling.
The Italian parsley and the basil are happy as are the butternut squash and peppers. 

So, we have to hope for a break in the heat!  Should be coming before long...I know I'm humoring myself, sad isn't it.
In the meantime, I'll be indoors at the kitchen.  We have lots of great classes coming up in August so don't forget that you can beat the heat at Urban Kitchen.  Keep watching the website (and this blog) for some exciting new promotions that will start in September.


  1. Don't avoid watering in the middle of the day if the plants look droopy! Would you wait for a drink of water if you needed one? Tomatoes are so dependent on the weather, but where we live it's possible to get two seasons before first frost. Next year check when to start seedlings in early to mid-summer so you have a new crop (hopefully) getting underway about now.

    Have you considered eggplant? My neighbor and I have had terrific luck with it. We have had 5 nice fruits (fruits?) already. Nice, loose skin and meaty, dense interior. We've tried it baked and fried and no soggy results.

    Hope you get a break in the heat! Houston isn't up in the 3 digits but the humidity definitely keeps you from breathing.


    1. Thanks for the advice. Just afraid of scorching the plants with midday drinks! Thoughts?
      I have a second group of plants that should be ready in September/October and they seem fine so here's hoping. Love eggplant and came up with a great grilled caponata recipe for my Tuscan Grilling class so will definitely be looking at those!!
      Maybe a little rain tomorrow and slight cooloff but mostly hot, hot, hot!
      It is the middle of summer, though....

  2. BB gun for the squirrel

  3. I'll keep my fingers-crossed for you regarding "The Taste". I would love to see you representing T-town!