Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tomato promise...

As I reported a week or so ago, I was on a mission to re-vamp the garden for fall.  In the midst of pulling up the spent killer cucumber (all show, no go!), I found something interesting amidst the tomato vines.  I pulled off the bird netting which by the way, was worthless...I either have really smart birds in my yard or I am totally inept...ok, don't answer that question!  But here's what I found:  tons of yellow blossoms!  The blooms are everywhere. I'm not sure about the pollination so I've been shaking them together and talking to them.  They got a nice long bath this morning because it's supposed to be really hot today...yay! Indian Summer!

I couldn't pull up those plants with so much promise on them so I'm watching and waiting and hoping for a nice harvest of green tomatoes because you know what that means! Fried green tomatoes, tomato relish, salsa verde and I'm sure I'll concoct something else. So feast your eyes and dream with me...I'll let you know what happens. 

1 comment:

  1. There are some things you almost can't avoid. Like birds. Short of sitting on the back porch taking pot shots at them like some deranged William Faulkner character I doubt if there's anything effective you can do to keep them away. Looking forward to the green tomato reports!
    - Barb