Monday, June 17, 2013

The Pink Flamingo Invasion

So, I'm willing to try anything.  Why not, pink flamingos?
We had a thing for pink flamingos when I was in high school.  The group I ran with, affectionately referred to as The Family, revered all things kitschy.  Bette Midler was our goddess, the laundromat (Ranch Acres Laundromat, specifically) our second home, exotic dancers (aka strippers in the 70's) our namesakes and then, yes, of course, Pink Flamingos.  We even had t-shirts printed with pink flamingos emblazoned across the front (thank you, Mat).  I think we were all devastated to hear the news that the company producing our rare birds was closing its doors.  Citing rising costs of plastic resin as well as lack of interest (what?!), Union Products in Leominster, Massachusetts stopped production on November 1, 2006 just two months shy of our beloved lawn art's 50th birthday!
So now I'm sure you're wondering why I'm talking about plastic birds that you can't buy anymore...well, leave it to one of our Family members, Bert, to buy most of the pink inventory that remained when the company closed.  Fast forward to earlier this year when Bert is moving to smaller digs and can no longer house our mascots.  Rather than just dispose of them, he creates an inheritance program where the rest of the Family members can have his/her very own pair of flamingos.  You know, of course, that flamingos must be in pairs, they mate for life and cannot be parted until death.
So there you have it!  I have inherited my pair of flamingos. And, they are being put to very good use in my vegetable garden.  Here's hoping that they will terrorize the other birds, rabbits, squirrels and any other critter that comes along.  With a little help from Sevin dust (I'm sorry Bobby Lee but I was desperate!  The bugs were eating up my tomatoes, escarole, eggplant and brussels sprouts!!) and a sprinkling of a product called Critter Ridder (it is organic and has pepper oil, etc in it), the flamingos will do a better job of keeping the unwanted visitors at bay.  Just for fun, because I am getting into the whole video,YouTube thing, I thought I would offer up a garden video for this blog post, featuring, yes, my new pink flamingo friends.  I bought this cool video app for my iPhone so I had to try it out.

I promise I will work on my camera skills but cut me some slack!  This is my first real effort!!
Now that you've been properly introduced, I think the flamingos need names.  So COMMENT with your suggestions after this post with your favorite names.  It has to be two names, they are a couple you know.  And, let's be creative people!
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