Monday, May 25, 2009

Best Laid Plans...

Hello again!
Try as I might and with the best of intentions...a daily tip is just not likely to least, not on a daily basis and then I've kind of defeated the purpose, right? So, to that end, tips will be posted frequently but probably not everyday unless I am truly inspired and not running as fast as I can to stay in one spot. Thank you, Lewis Carroll, I just love that captures our daily lives so often.
And, it is my blog afterall, I can do anything I want to...within reason, of course. Actually, my older daughter asked if I would make one of my tips "how to boil water"...she's still learning!
Here's what I would like to share today...
I was recently reading about the "secrets" that celebrity chefs won't tell you...well, if it's a secret, come on, now! Anyway, one topic had to do with their cookbooks and that you really don't need to buy them because you can find all of their recipes online. Now, that is mostly true. There are a lot of free recipe sites, such as, Food Network, recipeZaar, allrecipes, epicurious, etc., etc. But, really, do you buy the celebrity cookbook because you want the recipes? I don't think so. You buy their cookbooks because you want to know about THEM. And, cookbooks these days are more memoirs and stories than cooking substance, for the most part. So I say...go buy those cookbooks if you think you like that celebrity or you like their restaurant. With one caveat, the celebrity/restaurant cookbooks often have recipes that most (not all) home cooks cannot recreate in their home kitchens. That's where people like me come in. I love to share those little "secrets" with my students in class or online so please let's use this as a discussion forum, question and answer session. Teaching is the best and I tell my students in my "live" classes that I really am trying to put myself out of business by sharing everything I know... anything from knife cuts to the ins and outs of fennel!
Happy Cooking!

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