Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Favorite Tools...and a sandwich, too

Just had to share my sandwich creation with you. I entered the Mezzetta Make That Sandwich contest for fun (winners will be announced in September) although the last time I entered a contest for fun I ended up winning a prize. This would be a really good one, though...grand prize is $25K and a trip to Napa! Anywho...this is a Grilled Tuscan Swordfish Sandwich inspired by the Swordfish Involtini that I made for the last Tulsa Ballet Bella Cucina at Marcello and Daniela's house. Let me know if you want the recipe...I think it's delish!
So...the next cooking class, My Favorite Tools, will also include some of my favorite things (and my students' suggestions) to make...a fabulous (and super easy) Potato Gratin, decadent Tiramisu (yes, I'll have to do a swapout because it will not set up in an hour), and Roasted Butternut Squash Soup (it's flavored with curry AND ginger...yum!).

Class is this Thursday, August 20 from 5:30 to 7:30, Metro Builder's Supply, 5313 South Mingo. I have to say the classes at Metro are great fun...everyone seems to enjoy them even more so I see many more ahead!


  1. Candace -- so glad you had fun with Merrin in NYC..I KNOW her friends appreciated your home-cooked meal!

    I'd LOVE your swordfish recipes....both the sandwich and the involtini. We live in swordfish catching country, but I have some Mahi in the freezer that might substitute till I find another ocean fishing date!

    Thanks in advance (you can msg me on FB, or email me at

    Melissa Reimers

  2. Hi Melissa...
    Thanks for your interest. I will email you today (Saturday!.