Saturday, September 26, 2009

Away far too long....

I absolutely love this time of year! I wish there was some way to make it last longer but then (like Christmas all year long) I'm certain I wouldn't appreciate it as much.

Anyway...this special season heralds the holiday beginning and I am so inspired by the rich flavors and ingredients. Believe me, I enjoy the salmon on the grill and bright spring and summer salads after the feasting season but there's just something about those buttery, fragrant meats, breads, pastas and wine.

Speaking of which, I just completed the Introductory Sommelier Course in Tulsa sponsored by the Court of Master Sommeliers. Tulsa boasts one of the few female Master Sommeliers, Randa Warren. A terrific woman who makes it fun and interesting to learn about wine. If you ever have a chance to speak with her or be fortunate enough to attend a dinner or event where she is featured...grab it! You will be so glad you did! In any case, this two-day class is packed with all things wine...the regions, the appellations, the grapes and on and on. There is no way to learn it all in just 16 hours...I can imagine in maybe 16 years but, of course, it is a dynamic business so you never stop learning. The best thing I came away with (besides my certificate for passing the class...yes, you have to take a test!) was learning the "right" way to taste wine. And, although I enjoy tasting wine, I like drinking it a lot more! There was also a portion of the class where we learned more about wine and food pairings. All in all, I got what I wanted; more wine knowledge that allows me to improve what I do for my clients and students. I will not become any more of a wine geek than I already am! So, rest easy, friends!!

Back to business (and good times)...class is back after a brief hiatus...
Thursday, October 8 5:30 to 7:30 at Metro Builders Supply, 53rd and Mingo
Pumpkin, Squash and More!
We weren't able to have the popular soup class so I am incorporating a soup into this class. My featured recipe, however, will be Pumpkin Gnocchi...delicious, fun and easy to make...yes, homemade pasta, could it get much better!! We'll prepare a brown butter sauce to accompany it.
And, there will be wine pairings! And, I will share tasting techniques!
More Fall, Winter and Holiday recipes and stories to come...stay tuned!

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