Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gotta Love 'Em...Brussels Sprouts

Never thought I would see the day (when I was a kid) that I would say that I love brussels sprouts...but I do! That said, I now seek out new ways or just a twist on cooking up the little darlings. Got one and had to share...I'm going to be making it as one of the Thanksgiving sides (and as many times as possible before that!).

So...the story begins with a Mark Bittman article from the Wednesday, October 28, NYT Dining section. Brussels sprouts with bacon and figs. Well, first of all, bacon! and then figs! And, as if it couldn't get any's finished with balsamic...just a little slice of Heaven! I think to myself...self, gotta make this recipe at the first opportunity.

Then, wandering through Whole Foods last night, passed the brussels sprouts on their own stalk...I love that! Then, there were fresh figs available as well...those really nice big Brown Turkey Figs. See where this is going?

I get to my boyfriend's house with the recipe, the sprouts, bacon, figs and balsamic. Truth be told, the recipe calls for dried figs, not fresh, but trust me, the fresh ones were terrific with this combination. I highly recommend this simple, straightforward treatment of these autumnal jewels but next time, I will add some shallots into the bacon before adding the brussels sprouts and figs. I also will have to try it when I can't find fresh figs. (I hope this link works...if not, it's on Mark Bittman's blog at NYT.)

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