Monday, June 4, 2012

Everything's coming up tomatoes!

Yellow cherry

It's hard to know where to begin...the vegetable patch is so happy; it truly is hard to single out one veggie over the next but I promise each will get proper recognition.  This week it has to be tomatoes.  And, there will be more on the tomato family because there's so gosh darn many of them!  I have everything from red cherry to yellow cherry to Beefsteak and Beefmaster and then there are the heirlooms that are really going nuts.  So I'm just going to share the pictures with you now and suffice it to say...when they're ripe, better get in line!  Just sayin'.

Early Bird


  1. I love those yellow cherry tomatoes! We have a lot of red cherries right now and the jalapenos are just starting to ripen. They'll be in everything this summer, including some raspberry jalapeno jelly.

  2. I love the yellow ones, too. Less acid and lots of flavor!! Raspberry jalapeno jelly sounds dynamite! Yummy!!