Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's the garden update!

 You gotta love Oklahoma weather, NOT!  If I have to cover my tomatoes one more time because there's a freeze warning in the middle of April, I will not be responsible for the aftermath.  It's hard enough to grow things with the typical weather patterns being typical.  You may or may not know but the last threat of frost is supposed to be somewhere around April 5 so the third week in April is kinda pissing me off!  But enough of my little temper tantrum.  As you can see, the beautiful little heirloom tomatoes are doing quite well, thank you.  First picture, here on your right is from April 7 ( a day or two before our first frost warning) and the one below it is from today so they are coming

along and it makes me happy!  I have not planted any killer cucumbers (yet) but I'm hearing that a lot of people (including, Kornell) are having problems getting the cucumbers to sprout.  So I may hold off on those.  Has anyone heard what that might be related to?  I would be interested to know!  Gotta share these little cuties with you, though...take a look at this next picture below on the left.  Sugar snap peas!  Aren't they the cutest little things you've ever seen.  You can sow and grow now and then you can do it again as a late summer/early fall crop.  You must trellis them and I am happy to say that I have lots of those left over from last year's garden.  I love this re-using thing.  Works so great!  I will have lots of sugar snaps to share in my Seasonal Vegetable Class so watch the calendar (hint:  Wednesday, May 22) for the next one.  That also reminds me that I forgot about one of my favorite crops...beets!  How could I do that?  Ummmm...I think I ran out of room but I've got to get me some of them!  I don't have good news on the Brussels sprouts front.  My seedlings are gone so we'll have to give them another try.  Same goes for spinach...oh well, it is gardening and sometimes gambling!  In thinking back to last year's successes (unexpected! and I think I mentioned them in my garden update from two weeks ago) but the sage and the rosemary just have me blown away!  I had to include a pic from two weeks ago and then one from today.  

The rosemary is holding its own but is not nearly as lush as the sage.  On the other hand, I cut the rosemary down to nothing at the end of last year for a lamb class so it has a long way to go.  And, trust me, these two herbs looked like long gone dead at the end of last year.  I had no hope of them returning.  So learn this lesson...don't give up on your plant friends, they will surprise you.  Seems like there should be some kind of life metaphor in there but I don't know...I think plants are much more likely to surprise you than people...

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  1. You have a terrific start!. Our herbs always come back. This year, okra, eggplant and peppers. Always peppers! If we get the bumper crop we had a couple of years ago I'll be making jelly again.

  2. Thanks! I've got to replant several of my beds, though. I think between the cold snap and whatever critter is digging up the Jiffy starter pods...they didn't stand a chance!